Welcome to Midnight Voyage

Live. Love. Travel

An insight into my journey across the world. Nonconformist & offbeat, this blog explores new ways of traveling. An invitation to dream and discover with a French Touch.

About me

French native. Stubborn. Croissant eater

Raised between Paris and the rest of the world, I like to define myself as a modern gypsy. Less routine, more life is my motto.

Curiosity has always driven my desire to explore new environments, cultures and ways of life. My journey is spontaneous and genuine.

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Bomboclaat kind of New Year

Dear friend, can you hear the delightful serenade that resonates all over your body? A eulogistic chant praising ethical behavior, a modest lifestyle filled with ordinary pleasures. Lyrics that portray the duality between men & women, and perhaps highlight our foremost concerns in life; in other words, Jamaican Poetry:  Cah me haffi wine pon di cocky …